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Market Research

Main Services

REVO is responsible for systematically and objectively collecting information on any aspect of the market, interpreting it and generating appropriate marketing strategies for your company. We present to our clients the reality of their brands and markets in a simpler way, seeking new ways to get to know the consumer better, to understand their interests or preferences.

We're Offering

Mystery shopper

Mystery shopper or mysterious client is one of the most famous marketing studies. Mystery customers act like regular customers who make a purchase or consume a service and then submit a report on how their experience was, based on a protocol.


It consists of an in-depth study of your competitors to understand the strategies and best practices used by them. This analysis allows your company to reproduce or adapt some of the actions to attract the public and win it back.

Mystery shopper

A buyer persona is an abstract description of your ideal consumer. It can be based on qualitative and quantitative data from market research, competitors and existing customer profiles.

​Buyer personas will help your business decide:

  • Where to direct product development?

  • What type of content to create.

  • How to communicate with potential customers.

  • How to attract and retain customers.

Starting at $ 49  per month


Increase in Social Engagement

From research to repeat purchase, understanding the characteristics of the market can increase brand awareness and drive revenue growth. 

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